Six days course on FOSS tools - January 2007

Duration : 08-01-2007 to 13-01-2007
Time : 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Venue : Conference Hall, CSE, TCE
Lab : Unix/Parallel Processing Laboratory, CSE, TCE

Sessions that were conducted include:

  1. Free Software Development by Mr.Joe Steeve, Terminus Graphics Studios.
  2. Programming Tools by Mr. Joe Steeve.
  3. Embedded Development Tools by Mr. Bharthi Subramaniam, IIT Chennai.
  4. Linux and Mail Server Configuration by Mr. Gopinath, TCS.
  5. Debugging Tools and Techniques by Mr. Ananth Shrinivas, Sun Microsystems, Bangalore.
  6. Database and Web Programming Tools by Mr. Senthil Kumaran, SpikeSource Inc.
  7. Content Management System Tools by Mr. Senthil Kumaran.
  8. Localisation Tools by Mr. RKVS Raman, CDAC.

The event was successful and a lot of people from the academia (including students) were benefited. The audience was split into two groups. The afternoon sessions were for the students of TCE while the morning sessions were for delegates from other academic institutions. Read more about the event from the blogs of those who participated in this course.