Six days course on FOSS for Information Security - January 2008

Duration : 07-01-2008 to 12-01-2008
Time : 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM
Venue : Conference Hall, CSE, TCE
Hands-on Lab Venue : Central Computing Center, TCE

The course comprised of the following:

  1. FOSS for Information Security - Introduction by Mr. Amalan Joe Steeve.
  2. Lab session Network Monitoring Tools (net_acct, unix_acct, Hping2, finger, bind9).
  3. Firewalls, Cryptography and Digital Signatures by Mr. Amalan Joe Steeve.
  4. Elliptic curve cryptography by Dr. R. Rajaram.
  5. Lab session on Port scanners and IP filters(ipgrab, iptraf, p3scan, doscan, nbtscan, pnscan, scanlogd, flowscan).
  6. Spoofing, Sniffing and Hacking by Mr. Bharthi Subramaniam.
  7. Anomaly Detection Systems by Ms. T.Subbulakshmi.
  8. Lab session on Packet Sniffing tools and password crafting tools (sniff, nemesis, scapy, gpw, mypasswordsafe fake, airsnort, aircrack-ng).
  9. Penetration testing, Hacking Web 2.0 and Current Identity and Access Management by Mr. N. Parasuram.
  10. Research Issues in Information Security by Dr. R. Rajaram.
  11. Lab Session on Cryptography tools (libcrypto++, truecrypt)
  12. Intrusion Detection Systems and Vulnerability analysis by Mr. N. Subramanian.
  13. Modern Cryptographic Techniques by Mr. Ananth Shrinivas.
  14. Common Programming Errors and Exploits by Mr. Ananth Shrinivas