TCE FOSS Group carries out research in the following areas:

  • Operating System Design and Development.
  • Neuro -Fuzzy computing.
  • High Performance Computing.
  • Information Security.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Cloud Computing - Hadoop

The present work in these research areas includes:

Scheduling in Cluster Environment using FOSS tools.

  • Analysis of Parallel Learning Algorithms and it’s Applications.
  • Several parallel combinatorial algorithms are evaluated
  • Analysis of pattern recognition problems using neural networks.
  • Efficient scheduling of tasks in clusters

Localization of FOSS Tools (Tamil)

  • Experimental Analysis of Automatic Text Categorization approaches that fall within the machine Learning Paradigm
  • Document Representation
  • Classifier Construction
  • Classifier Evaluation

Log files analysis to build the user’s behavior Profile.

  • Application of Machine learning algorithms to Information Security
  • Classification of Abnormal Activity using Sequence of System calls
  • Application of Neural Networks to Intrusion Detection
  • Application of Naïve Bayes Classifiers to Masquerader Detection

The future work can be extended to:

  • Applying Automated Text Categorization successfully to the categorization of documents expressed in slightly different media like Very Noisy text resulting from optical character recognition
  • Automated content based indexing for multimedia documents
  • Designing FOSS Tools to efficiently capture and prevent various types of host and network attacks to secure our information
  • Application of Machine learning algorithms like Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Neuro Fuzzy Systems and Support Vector Machines to improve the efficiency of our FOSS tools
  • Application of machine Learning algorithms to various Combinatorial problems
  • Improving their efficiency in GNU/Linux cluster environment using FOSS tools.
  • Design a Foss Tool to schedule the computationally intensive tasks in Cluster environment.