Open Source Job Opportunities

Date : 17-12-2009
Time : 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Venue : Z0 Hall, CSE, TCE

Chief Guests and Speakers :
Mr.Murugan Pal, Co-Founder & President of CK-12 Foundation
Mr. Shenbagaraj, Manager of Zappys (CK-12 Foundation's Offshore center)
Mr. Deepak Babu, Software Developer (Zappys/CK-12 Foundation)

Highlights of the talk :

  • Mr. Murugan Pal had an interactive session with students of TCE
  • He talked about the importance of Open Source in Job Market
  • He briefed about iPhone,iPod, Android Platform and Mobile phone programming and Model View Controller way of web programming.
  • The importance of E - Learning and application development for E-books were discussed
  • Cloud Computing was been elaborated in detail
  • He gave an overview of CK12 - Content development for Kindergarden to 12th
  • iPhone Application Interface developed at his campus was discussed at the end