Live Projects


An ERP System that’s been designed using FOSS and developed In-house which is used for handling the day-to-day activities of an academic institute from student admission to Alumni association. The modules of TCENet are Attendance, Internals, E - Circular, Online Assignment, Dues, Profile, Feedback, Your mail alias, Nominal Roll, Search, Maintenance, Placement, News, Library, TCEMail, TAMS, Time Table, Staff Profile Updation with achievements, Status Report, Semester Results.

Single Sign On(CAS)

  • Main policy is ‘1user : 1password’ ie. an user can access all machines inside the campus using single userid.
    Major services

  • Integrating all servers/machines inside the campus with the Centralized Computing Centre Centralized File storage area/quota using which user files can be stored/uploaded in a centralized storage box
  • TCE Mail Service usage in the same account)
  • Shell server for accessing local file storage anywhere outside the college
  • TAMS

  • TCE Attendence Monitoring System (TAMS), an intranet portal of our college for monitoring the attendence process for staff!
  • TAA

  • TCE Admissions Automation (TAA) is a FOSS tool for online admission of UG/PG students.
  • TOSS

  • TOSS (TCE Operating System & Services) is a Linux distro derived from Ubuntu. TOSS is mainly targetted at the Engineering students of all branches
  • TEAM

  • TEAM (TCE Enterprise Asset Management System) is the software developed to maintain the Asset details of TCE
  • InProgress

    The Projects in progress are

  • Dues Calculation,Tech Forum,Events Calender,Feedback and Course Plan in TCENet