Industry Interface

RedHat, Mumbai

Certification courses are conducted

  • RH033
  • RH133
  • RH253
Yahoo!, India, Bangalore
Research support is provided in "Cloud Computing"
HP, Bangalore
Student Internship projects and placement oppurtunities are provided
Development of collaborative projects
Nokia, India
Offers sponsors to the seminars/conferences
C-DAC, Bangalore
Provides R&D support and resources for seminars/conferences
Torres Networks, Bangalore
Project development in Network Security
SpikeSource, Bangalore
Offers R&D support and placement oppurtunities
CK12 Offers Development support for TCE projects and placement oppurtunities
HiPro Solutions, Chennai
Offers consultance support for TCE projects
FOSSEE Project (NMEICT), IIT Mumbai
Provides sponsorship for seminars/conferences
Computer Society of India, Chennai
Provides sponsorship for R&D projects