GLUGOT Meeting - September 2006

Date : 09-09-2006
Time : 10:00.A.M to 12:00 PM
Venue : Z0 Hall, CSE, TCE
Name of the Speaker : Final Year CSE Students
Title of the talk : GNU binutils
Minutes of the Meeting :
The meeting started at 10:30. The topic for the meeting was GNU Binutils. The tools discussed in this meeting are,

  1. Gas - Introduction to GNU assembler was taken. A small example with basic operations, assembler directives were taken with an example.
  2. nm, objdump, strings were explained with an object file.
  3. ld - Introduction to GNU linker and the usage of linker scripts were discussed.
  4. gprof - How we can use GNU profiler to determine which parts of a program are taking most of the execution time was discussed with an example.