GLUGOT Meeting - December 2006

Date : 22-12-2006
Time : 10:00.A.M to 12:00
Venue : Z0 Hall, CSE,TCE
Name of the Speaker : S.Ashok
Title of the talk : Introduction to Python Socket programming
Minutes of the Meeting :
The meeting was handled by S.Ashok on Python Network Programming. The areas covered were:

  1. The basics of client-server programming, TCP, UDP, sockets.
  2. The history and evolution of BSD sockets and socket programming.
  3. The Python wrapper of BSD sockets, introduction to basic clients and servers using both the socket module in python. Sample program to explain the basics of sockets.
  4. TCP - Socket sample program to show both socket model and the file descriptor model using makefile method.
  5. UDP -socket sample program to show the differences of TCP and UDP communication.