Free Software Festival 2006

Date : 16-09-2006

Time : 10:00. A. M - 05:00. P. M

Venue :

Inauguration & Installation : K. S. Auditorium

DemoStalls : CSE Department

Chief Guest : Mr.Kenneth Gonsalves, AU-KBC, Chennai

Title of the Talk : "How FLOSS makes you a great programmer"

Highlight of the talk :

  • The basic FOSS Programming Techniques
  • Tips and Tricks of FOSS Programming
  • DemoStalls :

    Around 20 Demo stalls were shown to showcase the students ability. List of demostalls presented in FStival '06 are given here.

    • Emacs an extensible,customisable text editor developed by Richard M Stallman(I'GNU'cius of the church of emacs).It was one of the utilities developed during the initial stages of GNU evolution.Emacs was developed using LISP.Aswin J and Deepak Chand Babu
    • LaTeX is a type setting and text formatting software.It is mainly used by mathematicians and people in academia.LaTex was developed by Donald Knuth.Vidhya G and Shree Mahalaksmi
    • GCC is the GNU compiler collection.One of the most powerfull cross platform compiler supporting various languages.
      L.R.J Lonika, R.Andrews Roberta Marry and C.Meenakshi
    • Edumorphix is an Live Cd containing various education tools,handy one for school students.
      S.Karthiga Renga and C.Gangotri
    • Scilab is a numerical computational package developed by INRIA and ENPC in France. Scilab has been widely used in
      several industry and research projects, and many contributions have been made by users.
      Brightwin C, Aruna Priya N and Bavithra G
    • GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free software raster image editor. It also has some support for
      vector graphics. B.Shyam Sundar, C.Nirmal Arun, and Arun Prasaath
    • GTK, the GIMP Toolkit—abbreviated, and almost exclusively known, as GTK+—is one of the two most popular widget toolkits
      for the X Window System for creating graphical user interfaces.
      RamKumar V, Chandrasekar R and Balachadran S
    • CMS, Content Management Systems is an Stall for popular open source content management systems Drupal,Mambo.
      M.RaviShanklarBalaji, N.G.Karthikeyan, R.N.Aswanth and M.Venkatapathy
    • Databases Stall is for showing the features of the two databases MySql,Postgresql.A brief introduction to user creation,applications in industries.
      R.Mahesh Ranadeeran and Jeevanantham
    • LAMP: Stall on the LAMP project explaining the Linux Kernel,apache webserver and using Php/mysql with apache.
      N.Alagammai, Bhuvanambika and Kokila
    • Games And Multimedia is an Stall On various Games available for Gnu/Linux platform and other multimedia tools like Xine and XMMS.
      K.Chandrabala and M.Nirmala Rani
    • Linux Commands is an stall on using the command prompt to its fullest potential,introduction to basic commands in Linux.
      Iniyan P, Kannan R, Manikandan g
    • Office Tools
      Basic Introduction to various office tools like open office writter,Abi word.
    • XGL : The Eye candy of FStival '06. It is an X server architecture designed to take advantage of modern graphics cards.
      Sai Krishna M, Karthikeyan, Mathu Vanthini M, Aarathie Chandramouli
    • Audience :

      About 500 members from in and around madurai has attended Fstival '06