FOSS Projects

Students of TCE are encouraged to take FOSS projects using the following FOSS tools/technologies

Platform : Debian, Ubuntu and RedHat Distributions

Programming Language : Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Lisp, GTK/Glade

Database : MYSQL, PostgreSQL,

Templating : Cheetah

Webserver : Apache

Editor : Emacs, Vim, nano, Bluefish

Programming Tools Used : GCC, GDB, pylint

Networking Tools : hping2, traceroute, tcpdump, netstat

Parallel Programing Tools : mpich, hadoop, Parallel Octave

Security Tools : Wireshark, Snort

Content Management Systems : Drupal

Web development Framework : Django

Graphical Tools : GIMP, Blender

Educational Tools : GCompris

Scientific Tools : Octave and Shogun

Documentation Tools : LaTeX, Kile

Versioning: SVN, git