TCE-iNET : A Bandwidth Management tool for Internet Sharing, Petchiappan R, Subramanian M, Venkatesh N - April 2005.

The Goal of the Project is to share the total Internet in an Organization, done in hardware level, by programming the maximum transfer rate of the routers for each port where different Network Domains are connected.

Implementation of Management Servers for GOATEE, a Mexokernel based Operating System, Aravind Baalaaji T B, Arun Ponnaiah S, Balamurugan S - April 2005.

In this module of Goatee, different Management Servers are implemented that run as privileged tasks in the user space taking advantage of mexokernel design.

Cluster Computing In Linux, Selvakumar(04CS20)

The project work aims to perform a cluster computing in linux using parallel computing. High Performance Computing(HPC) clusters are developed to reduce the execution speed of the application. The computations in the homogeneous cluster are based on master-slave paradigm. The library used to develop the cluster environment is MPICH2.1.0.2. It is a Message Passing Interface(MPI) used for coordination and synchronisation between the nodes in the cluster environment. The default process manager MPD is created, which forms a ring of daemons on the machines where we can round the MPI programs. MPICH2.1.0.2 provides approximately 125 Routines, using this we can develop the MPI programs for parallel applications. Matrix multiplication and parallel sorting applications are implemented in C language using MPI programs. The program is segmented into multiple processes and given to the master node. Based on the segmentation of the application master node distributes the processes to the slave nodes and they are executed in parallel on different nodes. By executing the application in parallel the execution speed is increased and their performances are analyzed by varying the number of nodes in the cluster environment.

Constuction Of Computational Grid, P.Sivaselvan(04CS21)

Due to the explosive growth in both size and level of network technology and very complex computational needs takes to new paradigm that will providing wide area computing.Instead of sharing only the information as a network framework.A computational grid is a hardware and software infrastucture for distributed computing which provides plenty of computing resources such as CPU cycles from various idle machines.This project focusses on the construction of grid,which ensembles the resources available across a deepartment consisting of multiple administrative domains and executing an application using these distributed resources.It mainly uses Globus Toolkit.as a core middleware and MPICH-G2 for writing a parallel application and default job(fork) manager for addressing the issues related to remove job submission and execution.

Design Of Context Free Grammatical Inference Algorithm, R.Shalini(02C82), A.Muthusivam(03C54)

In this work a methodology is described to generate a grammar from textual data. A technique of incremental discovery of sequential patterns is presented to obtain production rules simplified production rules, that make up a grammar that recognizes not only the initial data set but also extended data. Grammatical inference (GI) is transversal to a number of fields including machine learning, formal languages theory, syntactic and structured pattern recognition, computational biology, speech recognition. A context freee grammar is a set of recursive rewriting rules(or productions) used to generate patterns of strings. Context-free grammars are often used to define the syntax of programming languages.