INDIGO - A 32-bit Operating System for i386+ machines, Blessing D (98C06), Deepak C (98C07), Ekanth S (98C09), Karthick Pothiraj K (98C19), Madhan Prasad M R (98C24), Magesh Babu P K (98C25), Prem Karthik S (98C38)

The operating system of a computer determines its degree of functionality and usability. It forms the most fundamental layer of software that moderates all access to the underlying machine hardware. The challenge in programming an OS lies in the need to manage all the hardware resources of the computer efficiently, while maintaining a respectable degree of code simplicity. This OS focuses on accomplishing the conflicting tasks of managing the computer hardware efficiently butas simplistically as possible.THe OS provides a 32 bit, command line environment with a clearly defined, extensible system interface. Programming for the OS is made possible by the use of the system core API that provides access to the basic system resources such as I/O and memory allocation. The hardware platform supported is the Intel i386 platform and above.

TCE Mail Server, A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Mail Server is the software that constitutes a major role in sending and receiving e-mails in the internet. It is responsible for satisfying any requests from the Mail User Agents(MUA) or from the Mail Transfer Agents(MTA) for sending and receiving e-mails. A MAil Server can be functionally disintegrated into two - SMTP server and a POP/IMAP server.TCEMailServer has been implemented in Java, which makes it a portable mail server.

TCENet,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

TCE Net is a intranet forum/portal for Thiagarajar College of Engineering.It constitutes Gobal mailing service,Database Connection pooling,Log support with date/time and clients IP address.It Also has User session manager and SecureNet-secure and slotted browsing.

Phone Book Manager for 3G mobile phones,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

This is used to access,modify,import,export phonebook to/from any 3G mobile phones.It also allows to read,add new phonebook entries.It deals with eror handlers and progress display for each action.It has been tested on a GD 67 mobile phone.

Multi Sensor Data Fusion,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Neuro-Fuzzy based hueristic design to estimate the tracjectile of a missle using data from both GPS(Global Positioning System) and INS(Inertial Navigation Systems).It is a integration of real time GPS and INS data.It is a DEvelopment of Neuro-Fuzzy based adaptive kalman filters.Sponsered by RCI,Defence and Research Development Organisation,govt.of India,Hyderabad.

Distributed GUI,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Distributed framework for controlling pc or group of pcs from a remote pc/pcs in a easy way.It can open/close programs,play animations,presentations by issuing commands in the background.It supports for multiple controllers and targets.Succesfully used at Cyber-2002,a national level technical symposium.

Bandwith Manager,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Tool to manage Application bandwith based on customisable IP groups.Easy to configure and use.It has been Deployed real-time at Thiagarajar College of Engineering.

Custom error page for exceeding request and invalid IP.It has IP filtering support,a pool of threads for each domain,Real time traffic monitoring systems with various options.

SecureNet,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Tool that helps to implement slotted browsing systems in colleges.It provides easy configuration of slot duration,starting time and ending time.Also provides automatic log-off when slot expires and Automatic unreservation of reserved slots,when not attended on time.It has restriction on number of slots allowed per user per day.

Linux Clustering,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Configured and setup a PVM based clustering environment.Developed small applications to run parallely using PVM libraries.It has been tested for CDA to MP3 conversion.Established in Linux cluster setup on RedHat linux 6.2.

Cute Error Lookup,A.Gerald Naveen(99C15)

Application which can parse c/c++ headerfiles learn the error codes,symbols and their values.It is the Best debugging tool when number of error codes are defined.Runtime addition/removal of files to be parsed.It was developed using Boost::Sprint libraries.