2010 Meetings

GLUGOT meetings in 2010.

GLUGOT Meeting - August 2010

The GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai meeting for the month of August was held today at Z0 Hall,Dept. of CSE,TCE.About 20 members attended the meet. The meeting started around 10.30 AM and here are the minutes of the meeting.

Karthik Selvakumar of Final year CSE talked on:

Gnokii- Use and setup
Editing configuration for various phones
Using SMSD with Gnokii(live demo)
Application development using Gnokii

Gautham of Final Year ECE talked on:

Alternate Window Managers
Desktop Environments vs Window Managers
Need for other window managers

GLUGOT Meeting - June 2010

Date : 12-06-2010
Time : 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Venue : Conference Hall,CSE Department
Title : Drupal CMS and GTK Programming
Speakers: M. Varadharajan, B. Raghavendhra, III year CSE, TCE
Minutes of the Meeting :

  • Varadharajan spoke about installing and configuring Drupal CMS and its modules
  • B. Raghavendhra spoke about GTK Programming in C

GLUGOT Meeting - February 2010

Date : 13-02-2010
Time : 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Venue : Z0, CSE, TCE
Title : Google's Open Source Technologies, Wordpress CMS and Samba
Speakers: M. Varadharajan of II year CSE and I. Jeyanthan of KLNCIT.
Minutes of the Meeting :
Varadharajan spoke about Samba, its basic configuration to be used for file sharing and various tools for configuring Samba.

Jeyanthan spoke about Wordpress CMS and demoed the installation and deployment of the Wordpress CMS in a remote webhost. He also gave a brief overview of Google's various open source technologies.